Hillsborough, is your pothole getting fixed?

The county plans to repair 285 miles of roads with American Relief Act dollars.
Hillsborough County plans $35 million worth of road repairs including work on eight major corridors, 89 neighborhood roads and 32 local fixes. Shown are City of Tampa workers repairing a pothole in September.
Hillsborough County plans $35 million worth of road repairs including work on eight major corridors, 89 neighborhood roads and 32 local fixes. Shown are City of Tampa workers repairing a pothole in September. [ Manny Matos ]
Published Nov. 15, 2021

TAMPA — Hillsborough County plans to repair 285 miles of roads using $35 million in federal aid.

The road work includes eight major corridors, fixes to roads in 89 neighborhoods and 32 so-called localized repairs involving 25 streets.

The county compiled the list using “condition inspection and commissioner input based on community feedback,” according to county documents.

The spending of American Relief Act dollars comes after commissioners learned earlier this year that catching up on maintenance of the county’s 7,200 miles of roads, plus its bridges and sidewalks, would require a $700 million investment over the next 10 years.

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The county commission is scheduled to consider approving the list Wednesday.

The eight major corridors are:

  • North Wilder Road from U.S. 92 to East Knights Griffin Road, east Hillsborough Riverview Drive from U.S. 41 to Alafia Drive, Gibsonton.
  • Riverview Drive from U.S. 41 to Alafia Drive, Gibsonton.
  • North Howard Avenue from West Kennedy Boulevard to West Saint Louis Street, Tampa.
  • North West Shore Boulevard, from West Kennedy Boulevard to Spruce Street/Boy Scout Boulevard, Tampa.
  • Oakfield Drive from South Lakewood Drive to south Parsons Avenue, Brandon.
  • North Habana Avenue from West Hillsborough Avenue to West Waters Avenue, Carrollwood
  • Regents Park Drive/ Pebble Creek Drive to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, New Tampa
  • Tobacco Road from Hutchinson to Van Dyke roads, Keystone.

The 89 neighborhood projects are:

  1. Port Sutton Road, Palm River
  2. Benjamin Center Drive, Town-N-Country
  3. Bogaert Road, East Hillsborough
  4. Leaning Pine Lane, East Hillsborough
  5. Melinda Drive, Summerfield
  6. Orangewalk Drive, Brandon
  7. Lovers Lane, Summerfield
  8. Santa Fe Road, Palm River
  9. Stanford Road, Summerfield
  10. Elk Spring Drive, Brandon
  11. Malvern Circle, Town-N-Country
  12. Booth Road, east Hillsborough
  13. Sumner Road, Summerfield
  14. Glenshire Drive, Summerfield
  15. Ewell Road, east Hillsborough
  16. Hinson Road, Valrico
  17. Manhattan Drive, Citrus Park
  18. South 90th Street, Palm River
  19. Lampp Road, east Hillsborough
  20. West Knox Street, Town-N-Country
  21. Downing Street, east Hillsborough
  22. Pepper Tree Lane, Lutz
  23. Yukon Road, east Hillsborough
  24. North Wiggins Road, east Hillsborough
  25. Waikiki Way, Palm River
  26. Tanner Road, east Hillsborough
  27. Wishing Well Way, Palm River
  28. Cosme Road, Citrus Park
  29. West Henry Avenue, Town-N-Country
  30. Palmbrook Drive, Town-N-Country
  31. Lancelot Loop, Palm River
  32. Wildrose Drive, Lutz
  33. Cypress Trace Drive, Carrollwood
  34. Ranch Road, Valrico
  35. Whirley Road, Lutz
  36. Barry Lane, Town-N-Country
  37. Eagle Palm Drive, Riverview
  38. Spottswood Drive, Summerfield
  39. Middle Lake Drive, Carrollwood
  40. Windhorst Ridge Drive, Brandon
  41. Savannah Drive, east Hillsborough
  42. Bell Grande Drive, Bloomingdale
  43. Sweeney Drive, Ruskin
  44. 33rd Street, Ruskin
  45. Coppertree Circle, Bloomingdale
  46. Old U.S. 41A, Palm River
  47. Hickory Creek Drive, Bloomingdale
  48. Shady Leaf Drive, Bloomingdale
  49. Innfields Drive, Citrus Park
  50. Emerald Creek Drive, Bloomingdale
  51. Southwick Drive, Carrollwood
  52. Long Rifle Drive, Balm/Wimauma
  53. Robin Hill Circle, Brandon
  54. Arbor Hollow Drive, Citrus Park
  55. River Road, Town-N-Country
  56. Arndale Circle, Town-N-Country
  57. Dixon Drive, Summerfield
  58. Old Big Bend Road, Gibsonton
  59. Entrance Way, Summerfield
  60. Holleman Drive, Bloomingdale
  61. Stonegate Drive, Carrollwood
  62. Harder Oaks Avenue, Valrico
  63. Pine Bay Drive, Carrollwood
  64. Oakshire Drive, Carrollwood
  65. Grainary Avenue, Carrollwood
  66. Lake Drive, Carrollwood
  67. Lakehurst Way, Brandon
  68. Black Dairy Road, Seffner
  69. Village View Drive, Carrollwood
  70. Joe Sanchez Road, east Hillsborough
  71. Bledsoe Loop, Balm/Wimauma
  72. Surrey Lane, Lutz
  73. Reece Road, east Hillsborough
  74. River Estates Drive, Balm/Wimauma
  75. Truman Drive, Seffner
  76. South Forbes Road, east Hillsborough
  77. Valrie Lane, Riverview
  78. Golf Club Lane, Carrollwood
  79. Ellesmere Drive, Carrollwood
  80. Westshire Drive, Carrollwood
  81. Branda Vista Drive, Brandon
  82. Foxshire Circle, Carrollwood
  83. Gardendale Drive, Carrollwood
  84. 2nd Street NE, Lutz
  85. Pine Hollow Drive, Carrollwood
  86. Windtree Drive, Carrollwood
  87. Belle Meade Boulevard, Carrollwood
  88. Mallard Court, Lutz
  89. Brown Road Project, Keystone

The county also proposed 32 individual local repair projects involving 25 streets. Those are: Bentwood Drive, Blendale Drive, Bluewater Drive, East 143rd Ave. Faxton Drive. James Stanaland Road, Knights Loop, Massaro Boulevard, McIntosh Road, Meadowlark Lane, Miles Road, New Bedford Drive, Old Mulrennan Road, Papaya Drive, Peeples Road, Pine Street, Richmond Street, Seton Hall Drive, Shelby Drive, Turtle Creek Boulevard, Valley Circle, Valley Drive, West Idlewild Avenue, Walden Sheffield Road and North Lincoln Avenue.