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Ernest Hooper: @hoop4you launches a tweetstorm

Published Jul. 3, 2017

If the president can go on a Twitter rant, so can @hoop4you.

We don't know who will be the governor in 2022. But we know who will be the Fla. Speaker of the House. Really? #Legislativereform

The @TB_Times editorial board commended @FLGovScott veto of bill delaying condo safety requirements. Rightfully slammed legislature. #yep

Ever noticed Scott is the state's 45th governor and Trump is the nation's 45th president? #anditmakesmewonder

@StPeteTomalin (St. Petersburg Vice Mayor Kanika Tomalin) says: "Like every other voter, black people think and act as individuals, yet they're often portrayed as a monolith." #truth

But if they acted more like a monolith in state and local races, especially in Tampa, they would wield more influence and power. #GOTV

Why can't the president use Twitter to lift up instead of put down? Be modern, but be smart. Be presidential. #ideasnotinsults

Seen on a bumper sticker: Yes, This Is My Truck. No, I Won't Help You Move. #butthatswhywerefriends

@IanBeckles and his Dignitary crew know how to throw a party. June 30 "Summer Bash" at @MahaffeyTheater delivered. And then some. #goodtimes

Mark your calendars: St. Pete Glitter Queens hold Royal Ball on Sept. 16. Benefits the Beth Dillinger Foundation. Visit

I'm tired of asking restaurants to turn to the @RaysBaseball game. It's our team and the players are balling. C'mon, man. #showsomerayslove

President Trump's vile Twitter rants distract from real issues, but the media can't ignore them. He's the president.