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Ex-daughter-in-law accused of $80,000 shopping spree with family Sam's Club account

TAMPA — Plenty of people have in-law horror stories. But perhaps not as vexing as the one Thomas and June Simpson tell.

Daughter-in-law Mishay Simpson shot her lover in 2014 in the Davis Islands home she shared with their son, Rhett Simpson, a former semi-pro golfer.

Divorce followed. But so did unexplained credit card bills for his parents.

Just three days after the divorce was final in April 2015, Mishay Simpson embarked on a lavish spending spree using her former husband's Sam's Club account, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Hillsborough County.

Over a period of almost two years, she racked up more than $80,000 in purchases at Sam's Club and Walmart stores including pearl earrings, two 4.95 karat diamond bracelets, and a new i-Phone and i-Pad, the lawsuit states.

It didn't end there.

She also made 88 withdrawals of "quick cash" at $100 each. She transferred a personal debt of about $4,300 into the account and bought "extraordinary quantities of champagne, liquor, wine, and beer," the lawsuit states.

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Although the account was in her former husband's name, it was funded through electronic payments from his parents' account.

They are now seeking more than $240,000 in damages and lost interest.

The lawsuit was filed after Richard Alvarez, an attorney with Older, Lunday and Alvarez, wrote to Mishay Simpson on April 7 on behalf of Thomas and June Simpson making a formal demand for repayment within 30 days.

The parents own a 25,000-square-foot Spanish-colonial-style home in Thonotosassa that includes a viewing theater modeled after the Tampa Theatre and a replica Oval Office. Valued at $5.6 million by the property appraiser, the house was built after the couple sold their Medicare cost-containment business to a pharmaceutical giant for $83 million in cash in 2006.

When asked this week why the spending from the Sam's Club account went unchecked for so long, June Simpson referred a reporter to her attorney.

"At this point I really don't have any comment," she said.

The Simpsons are set to get a new daughter in-law when Rhett Simpson remarries this weekend.

Mishay Simpson could not be reached for comment.

Her affair with Andrew Noll became international news. She initially told police that the man she shot was a former friend who had been stalking her and threatening to hurt her family.

When police searched Noll's cellphone, email and apartment, they found text messages and pictures that showed she and Noll were lovers.

That included a nude picture of Noll in which a tattoo of a pair of lips on his buttocks alongside the name "Mishay" was visible. She also paid for his apartment, police said. She kept the affair secret from her husband by telling him that Noll was a gay friend.

No charges were ever brought against Mishay Simpson for the shooting, but she is also being sued by Noll, who is seeking medical costs and damages.

His lawsuit states she had given him a standing invitation and entry codes to visit her home so he should not have been treated as an intruder.

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