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Hooper: Belief in government, not rhetoric, is key to change

Published Aug. 14, 2016

Someone far smarter than me recently responded to the statement, "I hate my government at all levels" by arguing that while it can perform better, it's not doing badly enough to justify antigovernment hysteria from both the far right and far left.

He added that such hyperbole is paralyzing the political process. I couldn't agree more.

Some will insist what we describe as hysteria is actually reality rooted in unfair acts and a detachment from real Americans. From my view, however, it's really more about charlatans who succeed only by ginning up anger and never acknowledging our government's best aspects.

If you stop completely believing in government, you can't change it. Your only options are revolution and anarchy, and those are far from viable solutions. See the glass as half full, not half empty. …

Former St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker is running — along Coffee Pot Boulevard. On a fairly regular basis. I saw him Saturday night at a gathering and he appears to be in great shape and up for any task. Yep, any task. …

Seen on a bumper sticker: Elect Grownups.

Kudos to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tampa Bay for launching its "100 Men in 100 Days" campaign last week. The need for "bigs" has never been greater. There are hundreds of children on the organization's waiting list who long for a positive male role model. Learn more online at …

I enjoyed my appearance on the new Ian Beckles Show. Sunday on WHPT-FM 102.5 (the Bone). It's good to hear him back on the radio, and his guests, including the always fascinating Joe Redner, made for a provocative show.

That's all I'm saying.