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Hooper: Irresponsible transportation efforts get us nowhere fast

Published Jul. 17, 2017

Every person who has anything to do with transportation in Tampa Bay should hang his or her head in shame.

County commissioners, mayors, HART and PSTA officials, TBARTA, city council members, everybody. Did I forget someone? Oh yeah, all our legislators, the governor and the folks at FDOT.

Each of you has failed this region.

Sorry, but when I look at the progress being made in Charlotte and every other major city in America — except for Detroit, of course — it's the only conclusion. I'm calling you out not to start a fight but to spur you to action.

Stop fiddling while our streets and highways burn with road rage, deadly accidents and three-hour delays. Stop making excuses, stop telling us to wait for the future, stop talking about thinking outside the box and actually move beyond the constraints. Get together, have some conversations and then do something that doesn't upend neighborhoods, create unrealistic toll roads and involve another study.

I don't need a study to know that it's horrible and getting worse every day. Find the political will to truly make it better, and the rest will follow.

Deep down, I realize such a rant won't make a difference, but when I examine how little we've done in this region regarding transportation, as Marvin Gaye might say, it makes me wanna holler. . . .

Seen on a bumper sticker: If My Dog Doesn't Like You, Neither Do I. . . .

The Hillsborough County Commission may get another opportunity to make the right decision on the Confederate monument. Let's hope members don't blow it . . . again.

That's all I'm saying.