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Largo pastor channels Lightning fervor into hockey puns on church sign

Just like the Lord called him to become a pastor, Tyler Moore says it was divine intervention that inspired his puns.

For two months, Moore, 29, has been plastering the large sign outside Our Savior Lutheran Church in Largo with bible-themed Tampa Bay Lightning fanfare. He has used Adam and Eve and David's slingshot and the moment the big guy said "let there be light(ning)" to rally his congregation and passersby around the team.

One of his Twitter followers dubbed him #HockeyPastor. The church website drew 22,000 hits the night a collection of his 16 signs were featured on Hockey Night in Canada.

"I'm surprised our servers could handle that," he said.

The puns have filled the side of the sign that usually hosts church announcements. Once his first few went viral, Moore knew he couldn't stop.

"It's out of my control now," he said.

Among his offerings:

Angels don't have Redwings

Holy Holy Holy Hat Trick

Turn the Other Cheek — Let 'Em Get Two for Roughing

Moore keeps a list of potential posts in his phone, which he workshops with family ahead of time. A picture of one installment, "Real saints don't demand trades," got 45,000 views on Twitter.

Moore said he already has a pun in mind if the Bolts make it to the Stanley Cup.

And when the season ends?

"At this point, you can't just go back to 'come and join us in worship,'" he said. "We'll put our heads together and think of something."