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Pinellas' light-rail system gaining traction, momentum

An image shows the proposed light rail system going through Tampa International Airport.
An image shows the proposed light rail system going through Tampa International Airport.
Published Aug. 18, 2013

Greenlight Pinellas' civic committee expects Thursday to endorse the latest transit improvements proposed for the county.

The vote will signal that the movement enjoys support from everyday citizens and that the conversation is gaining traction. Detractors will continue to beat the naysaying drum, but true leadership never achieves without enduring. Fire forges steel. …

Speaking of proposed transit routes, if Pinellas ends up with a light-rail system that eventually connects to Tampa International Airport, doesn't that mean the best location for a new baseball stadium would be next to the proposed line in Carillon?

Fans are more apt to flock to the game if they can take a train. Just ask the folks in Washington, Chicago and Boston. …

As for Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig stating the league may intervene in Tampa Bay Rays stadium talks, officials should welcome his attention without succumbing to threats the team will move.

Ultimately, we need a thoughtful solution palatable to taxpayers and MLB. I'll be sadder than sad if they become the New Jersey Rays, but they can still reside in our hearts while we focus on greater community issues. …

Seen on a T-shirt: To-do list. 1. Wake up; 2. Be Amazing; 3. Go To Sleep. …

J.C. Penney is imploring students to dress their best on the first day of school, but when I was a kid, you saved your new stuff for Week 2. I always went nonchalant at Godby High with my classic "Henry's Meats" T-shirt and some baggy gray pants.

My 11-year-old daughter declined this sage advice without comment and simply continued shopping Saturday. Sigh.

That's all I'm saying.