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Q&A: 'Entero,' Code Pink, car recalls

"Entero" means ...

Since the word root "entero" means "of or relating to the intestine," why is the current virus outbreak that's affecting children being called an enterovirus? The symptoms seem to affect the respiratory system, so what is this virus' connection to the intestines?

There are many kinds of enteroviruses, most of which are transmitted through the gastrointestinal tract, but "some can be spread through the respiratory tract and have respiratory tract symptoms," Dr. James P. Steinberg, a professor of medicine (infectious diseases) at the Emory University School of Medicine, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "With most enteroviruses, viral shedding from the GI tract is more prolonged than shedding from the respiratory tract and fecal-oral transmission is the main mode of transmission."

Enteroviruses that cause respiratory illnesses also can be spread through respiratory secretions, but some symptoms of enteroviral infection can be "unrelated to the mode of acquisition," Steinberg said. "For example, polio virus is a classic enterovirus with oral-fecal transmission but it causes a neurological illness." Other enteroviruses can cause meningitis or conjunctivitis of the eye.

What is CodePink?

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry was in a Senate hearing trying to get financial support to fight ISIL. There were many antiwar protesters wearing CodePink T-shirts. What is CodePink?

CodePink is a movement initiated by women that is working to stop "U.S.-funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities," according to the group's website.

CodePink protested during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings, leading Capitol police to escort several members of the group from the room. Kerry, a Vietnam War veteran and former antiwar protester, said: "CodePink was started by a woman and women who were opposed to war, but who also thought that the government's job was to take care of people, and to give them health care and education and good jobs. If that's what you believe in, and I believe it is, then you ought to care about fighting ISIL."

Unrecalled car brands

Is there a make of automobile sold in this country that has not had a recall in the past few years?

Mercedes-Benz had the lowest recall rate from 1985 until March 2014, according to The website compared recall data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with sales figures to find that Mercedes-Benz had recalled 2.1 million of the 5.2 million cars it sold during that time. Mazda was second.

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