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Q&A: What happened to Bonnie Hunt?

Bonnie Hunt has been doing voice work and is working on a TV sitcom called compliKATEd.
Bonnie Hunt has been doing voice work and is working on a TV sitcom called compliKATEd.
Published Mar. 14, 2013

Can you please tell me what has happened to Bonnie Hunt, who had a wonderful talk show for several years?

Since her talk show was canceled in 2010, despite her Daytime Emmy nomination for "outstanding talk show host," Bonnie Hunt has been doing voice work for the Cars animated movies and video games and for the former HBO animated series The Life & Times of Tim.

But she may be hitting the small screen again. Last October, Hunt, now 51, started working on a proposed half-hour sitcom for ABC called compliKATEd. She is writing the show and will star as a "confidently insecure woman with a complicated life." Ben Stiller will produce. If all goes well, it could appear on ABC's 2013-14 schedule.

Will 'The Mentalist' survive?

There is a rumor that my favorite show, The Mentalist, may not return next season. Is there any info on that?

CBS has made no announcement yet about a sixth season for The Mentalist, the police/crime drama starring Simon Baker. Some people who follow the industry closely think the show is still well-regarded and is likely to be renewed. Others think it's on the bubble for renewal.

In its first few years it drew about 15 million viewers a week, and the most recent ratings it was down to about 9 million. While most shows would love to have 9 million viewers, that sort of trendline is never welcome.

An announcement is expected by May.

'Downsized' is down and out

Do you have any knowledge of whether the reality show Downsized on WE is discontinued or not?

The reality show, about a family's struggles to adjust to its new economic realities, ran for two seasons (18 episodes). Alas, the show itself was downsized, and canceled after the end of the 2011-2012 season. One of the primary characters, Laura Bruce, posted on her Facebook page that "WEtv has decided to discontinue our show."

You can bet on 'Vegas' returning

What has happened to the TV show Vegas on Tuesday nights at 10 on CBS?

CBS recently announced that Vegas would be back, but it is being moved to 9 p.m. on Fridays, starting April 5. Its Tuesday slot has been taken over by Golden Boy.

A 'Mike and Molly' mystery

We are fans of Mike and Molly, and we noticed on the wall of Carl's grandmother's house are two framed gold records. Was she a singer in a previous entertainment career?

It has been established that Grandma, played by Cleo King, can sing. But the writers and producers on the CBS comedy have not yet established exactly what her background is.