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Q&A: What is the most common image used of Trayvon Martin?

Published Apr. 23, 2012

The images of Trayvon Martin

I am wondering about the most published picture of Trayvon Martin. What age is he in that picture?

The most publicized photo of Trayvon Martin was taken "a few years ago," according to the Associated Press. The photo, which was released by his family, "shows a smiling, round-cheeked youngster in a red T-shirt," the AP reported.

The news service also reported a more recent photo of Martin depicts him displaying gold teeth and wearing a white, sleeveless underwear-style T-shirt. At the time of his death, Martin was 17 years old.

Martin, Zimmerman heights

What was the height and weight of Trayvon Martin and of George Zimmerman at the time of Martin's death?

The Associated Press has reported that Martin was 6 feet tall and 140 pounds, but the police report listed him as 6 feet and 160 pounds.

The police report stated that Zimmerman is 5 feet 9, but didn't list his weight. The New York Times has reported that witnesses to the fight between Martin and Zimmerman described Martin as 6 feet 1 and 150 pounds and Zimmerman as 5 feet 9, 170 pounds.

Determining labor figures

I keep reading that the Labor Department states the number of people who have stopped looking for work. How in the world do they know this? Please tell me how they derive these numbers.

The U.S. Census Bureau asks a variety of questions in monthly interviews with 60,000 households, a spokesman with the Bureau of Labor Statistics told the Atlanta Journal-constitution. Some questions deal with the labor force, and results are sent to the BLS. It uses those numbers to formulate monthly labor statistics. Here is a sample of the questions:

• Do you currently want a job, either full- or part-time?

• Last week, did you have a job either full- or part-time? Include any job from which you were temporarily absent.

• What was the main reason you were absent from work last week?

• Do you want to work a full-time workweek of 35 hours or more per week?

• What is the main reason you do not want to work full-time?

• Last week could you have worked full-time if the hours had been offered?

Quick turnaround at Augusta

After the Masters is over, do they remove the patron stands, or are they permanent? Also, how long do members wait before they can resume playing?

Observation stands are removed after each Masters, says Steve Ethun, the Augusta National Golf Club's director of communications. Member play resumed the day after the tournament ended.