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Rebuilding Together repairs St. Petersburg family's home and outlook

Today, life is a little better for George Burton, his wife, Aletha Hodges, and their children — 8-year-old Aleeann and 6-year-old Moses — thanks to Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay.

The couple bought a small home near Campbell Park in St. Petersburg, but both lost their factory jobs. Burton then suffered a back injury working a construction job and awaits surgery. On Saturday, a Rebuilding Together team added an air conditioning unit and made other much-needed upgrades.

The family awakes today with greater hope. When groups like this step up, they not only fix homes, they fix hearts. …

Gov. Rick Scott favored President Barack Obama's Medicaid expansion but the state House stands in opposition.

The governor opposed any college tuition hike, but the Legislature voted for a 3 percent increase.

Now I wonder: Will the governor stand strong and seek greater compromise, or will he capitulate out of fear of drawing a GOP opponent in his re-election bid? Will he lead, or be led?

Seen on a window sticker: I'm Goofy. What's Your Excuse? …

Food Network's chef Robert Irvine leads a terrific charitable effort when he hosts a "cooking experience" at the Hilton Clearwater on May 14. Proceeds benefit the Haven of RCS, which provides support for victims of domestic abuse. For tickets, go to …

Kudos to the Florida A&M law school. Its students' first-time pass rate (82.6 percent) for the February Florida Bar Exam exceeded the state average (80.2) and bested five other state schools. Criticism for the school's inauspicious start needs to be balanced with praise for its current success.

That's all I'm saying.