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Tampa woman's diamond tale draws Letterman, others

TAMPA — Fox News woke her up at 7 a.m. Friday. Miriam Tucker said she told them to call back later.

She also declined an invitation from David Letterman's crew to fly to New York to tell the tale of her elusive diamond.

Tucker, 80, paid $20 for a glass of champagne at a Tampa Woman's Club charity fashion show on April 20. A local jeweler dropped a tiny cubic zirconia into hundreds of flutes except one, which got a gleaming, 1.03-carat round diamond, donated to lure more funds for a children's advocacy agency.

Tucker, gaily lunching with her table of friends, apparently took too big of a gulp. Down went the champagne. And the gem. She shrugged it off, never dreaming it was The Real Bling.

But when no one else claimed the diamond, she headed off for an X-ray. It showed nothing.

Coincidentally, Tucker had a colonoscopy scheduled for two days hence. She awoke from that procedure to good news: She was in good health and her doctor recovered the diamond.

Tucker never anticipated the commotion her swallowing act has generated. "My daughter Googled my name and like 18 things came up," she said.

But as much as she's enjoyed calls from friends she hasn't heard from in years, Tucker said she is wearying of the media deluge and endless potty jokes.