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Iran said to pose increased threat to U.S. warships

Published Jul. 27, 2012


iran threat to u.s. warships said to increase

Iran is rapidly gaining new capabilities to strike at U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf, amassing an arsenal of sophisticated anti-ship missiles while expanding its fleet of fast-attack boats and submarines, U.S. and Middle Eastern analysts say, according to the Washington Post. Though Navy officials are convinced they would prevail, Iran's advances fuel concerns about U.S. vulnerabilities in the opening hours of a conflict.

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Storms threaten ozone layer: study

Strong summer storms that pump water high into the upper atmosphere pose a threat to the protective ozone layer over the United States, Harvard University researchers said Thursday in a study published online by the journal Science. They added that the risk of damage may increase as the climate warms. Ozone helps shield people, animals and crops from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.


China raises storm death toll to 77

Chinese officials raised Beijing's storm death toll to 77 Thursday after the public questioned the days-old tally of 37, with some residents compiling their own totals in a reflection of deep mistrust of the government's handling of the disaster. Officials said they would use lessons learned to improve the city's resilience against disasters.

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