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Lawyers say Colorado shootings suspect is mentally ill

Published Aug. 10, 2012

Centennial, Colo.

movie shootings suspect called mentally ill

Attorneys for the suspect in the Colorado movie theater shootings said Thursday that their client is mentally ill and that they need more time to assess the nature of his illness. James Holmes' lawyers made the disclosure at a hearing where news media organizations were asking a judge to unseal court documents in the case. Holmes, a 24-year-old former Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado at Denver, is accused of going on a shooting rampage at a Batman movie in Aurora on July 20, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.


New malware linked to Stuxnet

Researchers said Thursday they have identified a new kind of malicious software that appears to be the creation of the same state-sponsored program that produced the viruses known as Stuxnet and Flame. Researchers at Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab said the malware shares characteristics with the earlier viruses, which were aimed at computers tied to Iran's nuclear program. But the new software, nicknamed Gauss, has been found primarily in Lebanon. It is designed to steal information, including customer data from banks as well as PayPal and Citibank. Stuxnet and Flame are believed to have been developed by the United States and Israel.

Dover, Del.

Dad accused of 'waterboarding'

A pediatrician who has appeared on national television to discuss his research involving near-death experiences with children is charged with endangering the life of his daughter, who told investigators she was waterboarded. Dr. Melvin Morse and his wife, Pauline, were charged with several felony counts Tuesday after their 11-year-old daughter told investigators her father subjected her to "waterboarding" several times by holding her face under a running faucet. Waterboarding simulates drowning, and it has been used in the past by U.S. interrogators on terror suspects. State officials on Thursday ordered the emergency suspension of Morse's medical license.


Chicago: Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who disappeared on a secretive medical leave two months ago, is expected back home within a matter of weeks, an aide said Thursday. Jackson, 47, is being treated for depression and gastrointestinal issues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Libya: The newly formed national assembly elected former opposition leader Mohammed el-Megarif as Libya's interim president today, the latest move to establish a democratically based leadership after decades of rule by deposed dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Philippines: Disaster officials were shifting today from rescue work to a massive cleanup of the capital after torrential monsoon rains that left at least 60 people dead in the worst flooding in Manila since 2009.

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