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After 1 year, Port Richey city manager gets 1 percent raise

PORT RICHEY — Citing an excellent performance his first year, the Port Richey City Council approved a 1 percent raise and a $250 one-time payout for City Manager Tom O'Neill.

The raise comes on the heels of a 1 percent raise to all of the city's employees in October, which O'Neill – who makes $94,456 in base salary and benefits – did not receive.

The council proposed giving O'Neill a 2.4 percent raise, which he declined in favor of what other employees had received, according to City Clerk Tammy Schuck. O'Neill's raise will be retroactive to Jan. 9, the one-year anniversary of his starting date, Schuck said.

Council member Terry Rowe cast the lone vote against the raise, saying it was too soon to give a raise after just one year on the job, when employees recently received their first raise in five years.