Clearance times adjusted at Brooksville intersections with red-light cameras

Published June 29, 2013

BROOKSVILLE — Motorists are getting a bit more time to clear most intersections with red-light cameras in Brooksville.

On Thursday, the county adjusted the clearance timing at the seven intersections that have the cameras. The clearance time includes the length of the yellow signal plus the time that the lights are red in all directions.

County officials, who maintain traffic lights throughout the county, have been urged by some residents to lengthen the yellow signal on all lights by one second.

In a memo issued Friday, assistant county administrator for operations Brian Malmberg explained that the re-evaluation was based on a revised policy from the Florida Department of Transportation and at the direction of Brooksville police Chief George Turner and the County Commission.

The largest change in timing was at the intersection of Cortez Boulevard and Cobb Road. The clearance time for the southbound left turn lane was increased by 1.3 seconds and the southbound traffic lane by 1.1 seconds.

All other changes were for less than one second, and in several cases clearance time was actually decreased.

The timing is calculated by using a complex formula that takes into consideration the configuration of an intersection, the grade of the road and the speed limit on the roadway, among other factors.

The county started with adjustments in Brooksville because of the cameras but has plans for adjusting signals throughout the county using the revised DOT policy, Malmberg has said.

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