Committee to shortlist St. Petersburg Pier ideas

The Crescent, ahha! - New Quarter: "The crescent as a metaphor for the growth of our community. A gathering place for the people of St. Pete, a place for learning and play. A place that is self sustaining. How does one have a pier experience without actually being on a pier? 'Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?' - Frank Scully."
Alma, Alfonso Architects: "The Soul of the City. Cultural Icon. Just as the Eiffel Tower image alone can conjure up an entire cultural experience by merely representing a fragment of the City, the Pier transmutations over the years have served as the symbol and spirit of the place that is St. Petersburg. Our project will recapture the past, embrace the present, and look to the future. ALMA: The Soul of St. Petersburg."
Prospect Pier, FR-EE, with Civitas and Mesh Architecture: "Prospect Pier celebrates our unique geography, culture and history as a subtropical, waterfront city. In a reinvented Pyramid that looks to the future, it builds upon the Pier's assets - a strong form floating over the water. Our vision is a journey that begins downtown, passes through a vibrant park and becomes a magical stroll over water before ascending through active, public spaces culminating in breathtaking views of city, sea and sky, high over Tampa Bay."
The Pier Park, ASD, Rogers Partners Architects and Urban Designers and Ken Smith Landscape Architect: "The ASD/Rogers Partners/KSLA design honors St. Petersburg Pier's robust, eclectic history while transforming it into a 21st century public place. It is a hub for activity not only at the pier head, but all along its length. Flexible programs engage tourists and community alike - from children to seniors, nature lovers to boaters, fishermen to fine diners. The Pier does not take you to a place - the Pier is the place. It is THE PIER PARK."
rePier, Ross Barney Architects and Long and Associates: "rePier is a vision of St. Petersburg as a catalyst for more environmentally-friendly, physically-engaging, and socially exciting urban living. repier adds opportunities to engage with the water, creates marine habitat, provides places to snack and sit in the shade, and builds a social space that also generates electricity. repier projects progress and hope and provides St. Petersburg with a place that is useful and loved."
Destination St. Pete Pier, St. Pete Design Group: "The St. Pete Design Group's concept provides the perfect marriage of historic icon and modernized, functional pier? a pure, crystalline pyramid is surrounded by fun, contemporary elements and activities within multileveled layers of shade. Varied attractions that will keep residents and tourists coming back include a larger Spa Beach, multiple dining options, a children's zone and a spectacular waterfall. Come fish, play, relax and remember. Discover the New St. Pete Pier."
Discover Bay Life, VOA of Orlando: "'Discover Bay Life' respects the past and looks to the future by transforming the upland park and pier into a new destination for St. Petersburg. Just as life on the Bay continually transforms, so does life at "The Pier." Three destinations Bay Life Park, the Pier, and the Marine Discovery Center become one unique destination for locals and visitors to discover and enjoy year around."
Blue Pier, W Architecture & Landscape Architects: "The vision for the St. Petersburg Blue Pier lagoon park is a grand civic gesture," the designers say, "bringing the pier, bay and natural landscape closer to the city. Blue Pier acts as a unifying element uniting the Bay with the City along a new axis of recreational and economic activity. Starting new allows us to set a new sequence of events in motion to make the pier even more successful and relevant for the coming century."
Published January 23, 2015
Updated February 12, 2015

ST. PETERSBURG — A pier committee was set to decide Friday which of eight concepts submitted by design teams from St. Petersburg and beyond Tampa Bay would continue to the next phase in the quest to restore the city's more than century-old downtown tradition.

The six-member committee, including an architect, a Tampa Bay Rays executive and a preservationist, was created to take into account various criteria, including the cost, feasibility and schedule of each proposed concept.

Members of the group appointed by Mayor Rick Kriseman were charged with reviewing how the concepts plan to satisfy the public's desire for certain programs and activities at the pier and a structural analysis of inverted pyramid components that will be used for construction. Of the eight design teams, six indicated intentions to reuse some part of the 1973 inverted pyramid. Environmental permitting and marine concerns also will be among the factors considered by the committee.

Here are the concepts and design teams vying for the $46 million project:


• The Crescent — ahha! - New Quarter

• Alma — Alfonso Architects

• Prospect Pier — FR-EE, with Civitas and Mesh Architecture

• The Pier Park — ASD, Rogers Partners Architects and Urban Designers and Ken Smith Landscape Architect

• rePier — Ross Barney Architects and Long and Associates

• Destination St. Pete Pier — St. Pete Design Group

• Discover Bay Life — VOA

• The Blue Pier — W Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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