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Former Port Richey city clerk honored for life of public service

PORT RICHEY — Sadness and celebration of a career dedicated to public service filled City Hall Tuesday as former City Clerk Sharron Mayberry received a key to the city.

Family, friends, and co-workers packed the chambers for Mayor Richard Rober's tearful presentation. "I wanted to tell you that I'm thankful," Rober told Mayberry. "And I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you and everything you have done for us."

Mayberry has cancer. Her daughter, Michelle Colvin, said it is terminal and that she has decided against more treatments.

Maybe was hired in 2007 as deputy clerk and became city clerk in early 2011. She was diagnosed with cancer on her 59th birthday in June 2010, said friend and co-worker Donna Rose.

Words like "tireless dedication" adorn the plaque Rober presented to Mayberry as those attending stood and cheered.

"I am very honored. I did my job and I did it proudly," Mayberry said. "I know the council and city don't give these out lightly, so I can't tell you how proud I am. Thank you very much and thank you for being a second family to me."

Council member Terry Rowe also touched on Mayberry's legacy.

"You will be with us in this city forever," Rowe said. "Thank you and we love you."

Council member Nancy Britton talked of Mayberry's determination during her battle with cancer.

"The strength that you show is unbelievable,'' she said. "I just can't imagine where you get it from. It's very difficult to not have you here and to hear your voice."

Pam Zeigler, the finance director, fought back tears as she talked about Mayberry's friendship and courage.

"She has handled it with a remarkable class and dignity,'' Zeigler said. "She's an inspiration and a lesson to us all."