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Hillsborough County seeks input on future of trash collection

Published Nov. 21, 2012

BRANDON — The way trash is collected in Hillsborough County is up for discussion.

The county's current contract is set to expire in September 2013 and affects anyone living in unincorporated areas.

In place for more than 15 years, it has included household garbage collection twice a week in customer-provided containers. Customers sort recyclables into green and blue 18 gallon bins provided by the county to be picked up once a week. And yard waste is collected manually once a week in containers or bundles.

That version is still on the table but new collection methods have made three other options available. Each of the new options include the use of hauler-provided trash and recyclable carts that come in 95-gallon, 65-gallon or 35-gallon sizes. The carts are designed to be automatically picked up by the trucks and come on wheels. The method of yard waste removal remains the same.

Option two includes twice weekly garbage collection along with once weekly recyclable and yard waste pickup. Option three provides once weekly collection of trash, recyclables and yard waste. Option four includes once weekly trash and yard waste collection, with recyclables picked up every other week.

The cost associated with the new versions are still being determined, said Willie Puz, a spokesman for the county. Numbers should be available when the county holds five public meetings throughout the area to discuss the options and allow for public comment.

Residents pay for garbage collection through annual non-ad valorem assessment on property tax bills, according to the county. That method would not change.

The County Commission will consider the options at a workshop in January. The new contracts will take affect on Oct. 1.