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Bayshore joggers break stride to take photos of Jill Kelley's mansion

TAMPA — Joggers on Bayshore Boulevard stopped running long enough to take snapshots. Drivers going by took their eyes off the road to gawk or point cameras out the window.

Jill Kelley was nowhere to be seen Wednesday outside her Bayshore Boulevard mansion, but there were signs that life — albeit a hunkered-down one — was continuing with at least a little routine inside.

A nanny came and went several times, once getting groceries and once with one of Kelley's daughters.

Delivery men for both UPS and FedEx dropped off packages. A mail carrier delivered letters.

Outside, three vehicles were parked in the drive — a Mercedes-Benz, a Volvo and a Lincoln Navigator. Two of them — the Mercedes and Lincoln — displayed license plates saying the driver was an "honorary consul."

At one point, as members of the media and passersby staked out the house, a man whistling and playing a guitar wandered by.

He stopped for a moment to serenade those assembled, then continued on.