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Latest Facebook scam asks users, ‘Is this you?’

You might receive a message asking you to click on a video link. Don’t.

A new phishing scam is making the rounds through Facebook Messenger, The Better Business Bureau warns.

Users receive a message with a video link asking, “Is this you?” The message will likely come from someone the user knows to increase the likelihood that they’ll click on it.

The Better Business Bureau said the message users get may read like this:

“Hey (your name), what are you doing in this video lol! Search ur name and skip to 1:53 on video. Type in browser with no spaces -> (then they give you a web address).”

If the user opens the video, their device could be infected by malware and their account compromised.

The Better Business Bureau warns that if you get this message, don’t click on it. Instead, delete it and make sure your firewall and anti-virus software is up to date.

The organization listed general tips for protecting yourself from Facebook scams:

  • If the message you receive doesn’t seem like something a friend would send, check with them before following the link.
  • Videos shared on Facebook play when they are clicked on. You should not be redirected to another site or asked for more login information.
  • If the scammers send a message that seems to be alarming, use common sense to determine if it’s legitimate or not.