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3 accused of enslaving disabled mother, child in Ohio

Published Jun. 19, 2013


Three accused of enslaving mother, child

A mentally disabled Ohio woman and her child were enslaved for more than a year, sometimes denied food and threatened with a pet python and pit bulls, authorities said Tuesday in announcing federal charges against three suspects. The names of the woman, 29, and her girl, described as 5 or 6, were withheld. Jordie Callahan, 26, Jessica Hunt, 31, and Daniel Brown, 33, of Ashland were charged with forced labor. A lawyer representing Callahan called the charges ludicrous.


Biden cites gains on gun violence

Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the administration has completed or made significant progress on 21 of 23 executive actions aimed at stemming gun violence. He acknowledged that the five-month progress report on the actions would not be enough to make serious headway, urging Congress to overhaul gun laws.


Iraq: Suicide bombers killed 37 people at a Shiite mosque in Baghdad on Tuesday, in the third consecutive day of sectarian attacks this week.

Pakistan: A suicide bomber struck a funeral Tuesday in the city of Mardan in northern Pakistan, killing 28 mourners, including a provincial legislator, and injuring more than 60, a senior police officer said.

Canada: Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum resign­ed Tuesday, a day after his arrest on criminal charges.

Los Angeles: The City Council voted Tuesday to ban plastic grocery bags in supermarkets, convenience stores and any big retailer that sells groceries.

Fort Meade, Md.: Army Pfc. Bradley Manning's court-martial over giving classified material to WikiLeaks went into recess Tuesday until next week.

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