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Hawaiian boy shoots down chute, lives

Boy shoots down chute, lives

An 8-year-old Hawaii boy survived a six-story fall down a condominium building trash chute and was pulled out by a neighbor who lowered a fire hose to him. The boy fell into piled-up trash Monday and suffered cuts and bruises, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. Dan Kaetsu, 29, an elementary school counselor who lives on the eighth floor of Salt Lake Manor, used the hose to rescue the boy. Kaetsu told KITV-TV he was doing laundry when the boy's 13-year-old aunt told him that the boy, who also lives on the eighth floor, had taken out the trash and had fallen down the chute.

Putin's Herculean milestone

Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 62nd birthday Tuesday in the wilderness of Siberia as supporters from across Russia created tributes in his honor. Putin has often brandished his tough-guy image with wilderness romps during which he hunts, fishes or rides horses. Russian news websites published photos from a one-day exhibition in Moscow titled "The 12 Labors of Vladimir Putin," in which Putin is depicted as Hercules — battling Western nations disguised as serpents and monsters or taming an ox bearing the symbol of Crimea, the Ukrainian region annexed by Russia in March.

Whales off Calif. inspire awe

Several pods of sperm whales emerged off Southern California in an extremely rare, hourslong sighting that had whale watchers and scientists giddy with excitement. More than 50 mothers and juveniles were rolling and playing with dolphins Monday a few miles off Laguna Beach, the Orange County Register reported.

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