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Man agrees to restitution in vandalism at national monument

Carving names on monument: $4,400

A Minnesota man who carved the names of himself and his wife near the 1806 signature of explorer William Clark on a national monument in Montana has agreed to pay $4,400 in restitution and fines, the Bureau of Land Management said Monday. The fine came after the U.S. Attorney's Office filed a misdemeanor vandalism charge against Cole Randall of Plymouth, Minn., for the carving in sandstone at Pompey's Pillar that reads "Cole + Shpresa 10/10/2013." The carving also included a heart.

Museum in Poland tells pope's story

A new museum in Poland telling the life story of Polish-born Pope John Paul II will open Wednesday in the southern city of Wadowice, just weeks before he is made a saint. The multimedia museum is at the house where the pope was born. He is to be canonized in a Vatican ceremony April 27. The director, the Rev. Dariusz Ras, said Monday that the museum documents John Paul's life from birth to when he was elected pope in 1978 and his 26-year papacy.

Eating poorly adds fat, saps energy

An unhealthful diet can make you fat, and new research suggests it also can sap motivation. In a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles found that rats fed a diet low in fat but high in simple sugars and refined flour were not only more obese than rats that had a better diet, but also less willing to work for a reward.

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