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More affordable housing for gay seniors

Published Jan. 15, 2014

Gay seniors getting affordable housing

The third affordable housing complex in the United States for gay seniors has opened in Philadelphia. Experts say such facilities are important because older gays and lesbians are less likely to have the financial and family resources to age in their own homes. And many seniors fear discrimination at traditional elder housing facilities. Los Angeles and Minneapolis also have gay-friendly, affordable senior housing. Units are being built in Chicago and San Francisco. Activists say more are needed. The number of gay seniors nationwide is expected to double to 3 million by 2030.

First centenarian has puzzle printed

Longtime crossword constructor Bernice Gordon is marking two big events. On Saturday, the Philadelphia resident turned 100. Today, the New York Times will publish another one of her puzzles. Crossword editor Will Shortz said Gordon will be the first centenarian to have a grid printed in the newspaper. She has been creating crosswords for decades and still builds one every morning. Her grids have appeared in the New York Times as well as many other newspapers and puzzle books. She is nearly as old as the crossword puzzle itself. The brain-teaser debuted in the New York Sunday World on Dec. 21, 1913.

No live-in boyfriend for this president

An Alabama university has barred its incoming president from living in her required campus home with any romantic interest as long as she remains unmarried. A contract signed by Gwendolyn Boyd to become head of Alabama State University in Montgomery includes the stipulation. Boyd, 58, who is coming from Johns Hopkins University, said Tuesday that she knew what was in the contract. "I have no issue with it at all," she said. The university said in a statement, "This clause … has nothing to do with Dr. Boyd and everything to do with the increasing scrutiny that university presidents face as the top image-makers of their respective universities."

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