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Investigators to examine crash of cargo plane in Afghanistan

Published May 1, 2013

A team of federal investigators and representatives from Boeing Co. are headed for Afghanistan to examine a cargo plane crash that took place Monday at U.S.-operated Bagram Air Base.

A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman said the agency will lead a team to assist in the investigation. The Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing will also provide technical assistance to investigating authorities.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but the plane's operator, National Air Cargo, confirmed that all seven American civilian crew members were killed and the aircraft, a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, was destroyed. Six of the victims were from Michigan and a seventh was from Kentucky, said Shirley Kaufman, National Air Cargo vice president.

The company said the 747 was filled with vehicles and other freight when it took off for the United Arab Emirates.

Video footage of a crash surfaced Tuesday on the Internet, and depicted a jumbo jet taking off into overcast skies, before stalling, nose-diving and plummeting. The video appears to be shot from a dashboard camera on a vehicle as it travels on a road toward an airport.