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Black bear kills Rutgers student

Published Sep. 23, 2014

Black bear kills Rutgers student

A Rutgers University student was killed by a black bear over the weekend, the police said Monday, the first such recorded death in New Jersey since the 1850s. The student, Darsh Patel, 22, and four friends were hiking on Sunday in the Apshawa Preserve in the northern part of the state, about 40 miles from New York City. They encountered the black bear, which began to follow them, according to police in West Milford, a township that includes the preserve. The friends told the police they scrambled to get away from the bear, all running in different directions. Four of the men later found one another, and they called the police to help search for Patel. About two hours later, police found the bear circling Patel's body and killed it. Wildlife officials said the bear was likely looking for food.

Schools see more homeless kids

The number of homeless schoolchildren is rising in U.S. schools. Education Department statistics released Monday say 1.3 million homeless children were enrolled in U.S. schools in the 2012-2013 school year — an 8 percent increase from the previous school year. A vast majority of the homeless children were living in "doubled-up" quarters, meaning multiple families were living together not by choice. "While the economy may be coming back some, people are still having a hard time making enough money to afford and find affordable housing," said Bruce Lesley, president of the advocacy group First Focus Campaign for Children.

Production of torture tools up

Chinese production and export of police equipment primarily used for torture, such as electric shock wands and neck-and-wrist cuffs connected by a chain, has grown dramatically, enabling human rights violations at home and abroad, Amnesty International said in a report today. More than 130 Chinese companies, up from 28 about a decade ago, are now engaged in the development, production and export of law enforcement tools, most of which are legitimate, but many of which are inherently cruel and inhumane, the London-based human rights group said. China bans torture and mistreatment of inmates.

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