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Sharpton denies he was an informant

Published Apr. 9, 2014

Sharpton denies he was an informant

The Rev. Al Sharpton acknowledged Tuesday that he helped the FBI investigate New York Mafia figures in the 1980s, even making secret recordings that appeared to help bring down mob boss Vincent "the Chin" Gigante. But at a news conference, Sharpton insisted he never considered himself a confidential informant, despite a report identifying him as such in recently released court records posted on the Smoking Gun website. Sharpton told reporters that he went to federal authorities after low-level mobsters warned him and others they would be harmed if they continued to compete for a stake in the music business. "We were threatened, and that's not a new story," Sharpton said, noting that he wrote about it in his 1996 book, Go and Tell Pharaoh. A spokesman for the FBI's New York office declined to comment.

U.S. lawmakers slow to hire vets

Members of Congress often urge federal agencies and the private sector to hire military veterans, but a survey suggests they rarely follow that advice with their personal staff. The survey, released on Tuesday, found that veterans made up less than 3 percent of the staff in the congressional offices that responded. The survey was conducted by HillVets, an organization of veterans serving in government that hopes to increase their number on Capitol Hill. Slightly more than half of the 535 congressional offices responded to the survey.

In Uruguay, pot will go to inmates

Prisoners in the jails of Uruguay will be able to use marijuana if a doctor says it will benefit their health. Uruguay's drug czar, Julio Calzada, said Tuesday that any inmates with doctors' orders will be prescribed marijuana to their improve physical or mental health. In December, the country's lawmakers voted to legalize and regulate marijuana.

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