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U.S. to appeal morning-after pill decision


U.S. to appeal morning-after pill decision

The Obama administration said Wednesday that girls younger than 15 should not have access to the most common morning-after contraceptive pill as the Justice Department filed a notice to appeal a judge's order that would make the drug available without a prescription for girls and women of all ages. The appeal reaffirms an election-year decision by Obama's administration to block the drug's maker from selling it without consideration of age.


Firefighters not to blame in explosion

Volunteer firefighters responding to the fire that preceded the West Fertilizer Co. explosion did not contribute to the April 17 catastrophe that claimed 15 lives, a state official said Wednesday. Assistant State Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said an ongoing investigation hoped to determine the cause of the explosion by May 10.

North Korea

U.S. man to serve 15 years hard labor

An American detained for nearly six months in North Korea has been sentenced to 15 years of "compulsory labor" for unspecified crimes against the state, Pyongyang announced Thursday. The sentencing of Kenneth Bae, described by friends as a devout Christian and a tour operator, will further complicate relations between Pyongyang and Washington.


BAGHDAD: Two separate car bomb attacks in central Iraq killed at least eight people and wounded 27 on Wednesday, officials said.

MIAMI: Colombian drug kingpin Jose Evaristo Linares-Castillo, 47, faces charges in Miami and New York, accusing him of smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to the United States, authorities said Tuesday.

DENVER: A May Day snow storm made travel difficult in parts of Colorado and Wyoming on Wednesday, while Sioux Falls, S.D., got its first May snowfall in 37 years.

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