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Woman with brain cancer takes dose of lethal drugs

Associated Press
Associated Press
Published Nov. 3, 2014

Portland, Ore.

Woman with brain cancer takes dose of lethal drugs

A young woman who moved to Oregon to take advantage of the state's assisted-suicide law took lethal drugs prescribed by a doctor and has died, a spokesman said Sunday.

Brittany Maynard, 29, was diagnosed with brain cancer on New Year's Day and was later given six months to live. She and her husband, Dan Diaz, moved from California because that state does not allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with lethal drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Maynard became a nationally recognized advocate for the group Compassion & Choices, which seeks to expand aid-in-dying laws beyond a handful of states.

Sean Crowley, a spokesman for Compassion & Choices, said in a statement Sunday that Maynard died Saturday "as she intended — peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her loved ones."

New Orleans

Gates steps up his malaria campaign

Philanthropist Bill Gates says he wants to end malaria in his lifetime and will give more money toward that goal.

His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will increase its malaria program budget by 30 percent, to more than $200 million per year, he told a global health conference in New Orleans on Sunday. "Small steps won't get the job done," the Microsoft co-founder said. "Let me put it this way — I just turned 59 the other day. If we can't get rid of malaria in my lifetime, I'd be very disappointed."

In all, Gates said his foundation will commit more than $500 million this year to fight malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal and parasitic diseases in poor countries.


Concentration camp's historic gate is stolen

A wrought-iron gate bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Arbeit macht frei," or "Work sets you free," has been stolen from the former Dachau concentration camp, police said Sunday.

Dachau, near Munich, was the first concentration camp set up by the Nazis in 1933. More than 200,000 people from across Europe were held there and over 40,000 prisoners died before it was liberated by U.S. forces on April 29, 1945. The camp is now a memorial.

San Diego

$13.5M awarded in molestation case

The Jehovah's Witnesses have been ordered to pay $13.5 million to a Southern California man who said he was molested as a child by a member of the church.

A San Diego judge ruled last week that the church's governing body covered up years of sexual abuse by a member who later became an elder.

Superior Judge Joan Lewis said actions of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York were "reprehensible and reckless," the U-T San Diego reported Friday.

Jose Lopez, who was awarded the money, sued the group, alleging that he was molested in 1986 at age 7 by a member of the Spanish congregation in the Linda Vista area of San Diego.


Pakistan: At least 55 people were killed and at least 120 more were wounded Sunday when a suicide bomber set off explosives at a border post in eastern Pakistan, police officials said.

China: The Chinese space program on Saturday successfully recovered an experimental spacecraft that flew around the moon and back in a test run for the country's first unmanned return trip to the lunar surface.

Mexico: Seven Mexican soldiers have been charged with crimes ranging from homicide to improper conduct in connection with the shooting deaths of suspected gang members at a rural warehouse on June 30, officials said Sunday.

Times wires

Shepherds lead 2,000 sheep through the center of Madrid on Sunday in defense of ancient grazing, droving and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practices. Tourists and city dwellers were surprised to see the capital's traffic cut to permit the bleating, bell-clanking parade to pass the most emblematic locations. The herd was accompanied by musicians and dancers dressed in regional costumes that have been worn by rural workers for centuries. Children shrieked with joy as the sheep went from a trot to a gallop past a hamburger restaurant.