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‘Citizens need to pay attention ...’ Reader warns Port Richey residents

Pasco County letters to the editor

Re: Did Port Richey just get mugged? | Oct. 11 story

The need to “save” Port Richey from an ill-advised power grab is a direct result of the willingness of Florida voters to elect officials who will do what the party leadership wants. A bill such as this by a very inexperienced representative, which also had a Senate sponsor not even from Pasco County, shows the overreach of the good ol’ boys’ club still alive in Tallahassee and its local minions.

Our state legislators bemoan when the “Big Government” in Washington passes legislation or develops regulations they do not agree with, but they are only too willing to butt their noses into local issues when their version of big government suits their vision.

Who truly believes that a young representative who was elected while still in college with no real life or work experiences to apply in the legislative process actually came up with this proposed bill? It was a directed effort from the leadership either in Tallahassee or Pasco County, since they know what is best for Port Richey.

You have to play along in either environment so you can move up from the county to the state for eight years as a representative and then eight more as senator. If you follow leadership’s orders, and even if you went to Tallahassee with the best intentions and meager finances, you can leave as a millionaire. And maybe the family name recognition finally results in a Congressional seat.

Citizens need to pay attention while voting to ensure that we are not creating family dynasties that are protective of their power and not answering to the citizens who put them in office to do what we, the citizens, want for our lives and communities.

Dale Gottschalk, Hudson