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Pasco conversation about shooting range mirrors previous one in Hillsborough

Re: Shooting range riles neighbors | Oct. 18 story

Vizzi is Not a Victim.

The Pasco County Planning Commission should stand with Darby residents to restrict shooting hours on the Vizzi property in addition to other stated requirements for application approval. This is not the first time the Vizzis have run afoul of neighbors while cloaking their sense of entitlement in the Second Amendment.

They were vocal opponents before the Hillsborough County Commission during a contentious series of hearings with neighbors surrounding the Silver Dollar Shooters Club in Keystone. They argued the same justification that their daughter’s Olympic aspirations should supersede the rights of nearby homeowners to enjoy their homes in peace.

In a recent Tampa Bay Times article, Doree Vizzi characterized neighbors’ complaints as “over-reach and an over-exaggeration. … I don’t understand why everybody has been so nasty.”

They know how disruptive persistent shotgun blasts are to neighbors. They just don’t care. For over two years, they were made acutely aware of these same issues during the Hillsborough County Commission proceedings. Namely, the need for noise mitigation, such as berms, and limiting hours to alleviate tensions and demonstrate good faith with neighbors.

Apparently, without prior approval or taking surrounding residents into consideration, the Vizzi family chose to ignore those concerns and build facilities in Darby anyway. Silver Dollar did that, too, and was eventually forced to remove their illegal skeet stands last year. Obviously, the Vizzis learned nothing from that experience about the need to follow the permitting process — or what constitutes a good neighbor.

Kim Paulson, Keystone