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‘Everything seemed fine.’ Then a shotgun blast broke the Dade City night.

Chad Richard Glavich, 39, faces a murder charge. The shooting killed an unidentified adult but left a baby unharmed.
Chad Richard Glavich, 39, faces a premeditated murder charge.
Chad Richard Glavich, 39, faces a premeditated murder charge. [ Pasco County Sheriff's Office ]
Published Nov. 25, 2019
Updated Nov. 26, 2019

DADE CITY — As the arrest report described it, nobody in the home near the orange grove expected Sunday night would end with a fatal shooting.

By the time day broke, one person was dead and 39-year-old Chad Richard Glavich was under arrest, facing a charge of premeditated murder. But just a few hours earlier, witnesses told Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies, Glavich was in the living room, playing a board game called Trouble before others headed to bed, one of them with a baby. As the deputy who took the report wrote, “everything seemed fine.”

Who these people are in relation to Glavich or where exactly the incident took place is unclear. The Sheriff’s Office does not release the names of witnesses, and it is withholding the name of the victim and the location of the shooting as it cites its interpretation of the state constitutional amendment commonly known as Marsy’s Law. It also cited that law in not releasing the location of the shooting.

One witness went to bed with his door open, he told deputies. Through it, he could see as Glavich periodically walked down the hall, checked on the adult and baby in the other bedroom, and headed back toward the living room.

But after checking on them about 12:30 a.m., the witness said, Glavich didn’t go back to the living room. Instead, as the witness could see through his bedroom window, Glavich headed toward the shed outside with a flashlight.

Glavich would tell deputies Monday morning that he was thinking the person in the bedroom with the baby was trying to “frame” him. He couldn’t explain why, according to the arrest report. But he found a shotgun in one part of the shed, then some shells in another part. He loaded the gun and put two more shells in his pocket.

Back inside the house, deputies said, Glavich opened the bedroom door. He saw the baby lying on the bed, and the adult sitting up in bed. Had the adult been holding the baby, he later told deputies, he wouldn’t have fired the gun.

The witness in the other bedroom heard the blast and saw Glavich running out of the home with the gun in his hands, he told deputies. He went into the other bedroom, where a television was the only light, and he could see that the baby was unharmed. But he couldn’t find a pulse on the adult.

The Sheriff’s Office got the 911 call, from the witness, around 1:05 a.m. Glavich was running through the orange grove, he told deputies, where he dropped the gun midway. He said he’d planned to call for help. Another call, at about 1:24 a.m., came from someone who said Glavich showed up at his house uninvited and “panicky.” Deputies found Glavich there, a 20-gauge shotgun shell in his pants pocket.

He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Information about bond or initial court appearances for Glavich was not available. According to court records, Glavich was convicted on a 2007 DUI charge and a 2015 out-of-season hunting charge.