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Move here, drink the water and pay the higher bills, Pasco reader says

Pasco County letters to the editor

Re: Water, sewer rates to go up | Nov. 29 story

I live in Jasmine Lakes, Port Richey. Your article makes it look like everyone in Pasco ?County is having their water and sewer rates increased by $1.56. Look at what we are paying — more than $60 more here in Jasmine Lakes.

We have been going around in circles with this water problem for over 10 years now. Go back and look at how much our rates have gone up in the past 15 years.

We have gone to Tallahassee on buses and talked to representatives, had meetings and after all this time, nothing. We were told that once Pasco took over, the rates would go down, and here you are raving about it going up only $1.56 for those who only pay $75.

You cannot drink the water in the area. The water pressure is the pits. At least every six months, there is a boil-water alert, but the only way you know is if you happen to see the sign at the beginning of Jasmine Boulevard.

Your article makes it look like the end of the world is coming for the $1.60 raise. Well move here, drink the water and pay the higher bill.

I would gladly pay the $1.56 if my water bill went down that extra $60 and the water was drinkable out of the faucet.

Cindy George, Port Richey

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