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Sierra Club is right about preserving the Preserve, reader says

Pasco County letters to the editor

Sierra Club fights Pasco road project | Feb. 8 story

In Tampa Bay Times writer Craig Pittman’s book, Paving Paradise, we can easily see Floridians are being shortchanged in the ongoing battle to save our wetlands. The Feb. 8 Times report, Sierra Club Fights Pasco Road Project, by staff writer C.T. Bowen explains why.

In my view, destroying Serenova reflects disrespect for environmental health, which detrimentally impacts us all. Doesn’t the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers realize that the Serenova Preserve is needed for sustaining clean water for local residents? Doesn’t the federal government know that the Serenova Preserve already is a mitigation for a mitigation, again "robbing Peter to pay Paul” for private profit?

The Sierra Club is right: We need public comment and environmental impact studies for this critically important environmental preserve.

Ginger Goepper, Treasure Island

Museum and library is worth the visit

On Feb. 1, I attended an event by the West Pasco Historical Society at the Pasco-Hernando State College. The purpose of the event was to show a video of the newly renovated Rao Musunuru M.D. Museum and Library at Sims Park, a video of our railroad history in Pasco, the details of the newly organized exhibits and to learn about the history of early Pasco County. Among the stories told were that singer Johnny Cash fished at night on the bridge over the Pithlachascotee River; that Brooksville is named after a congressman who nearly beat an Abolitionist congressman to death with a cane; and that Gene Sarazan, one of golf’s legends, invented the sand wedge while living in New Port Richey. Also, one of the few people who walked on the moon, James Irwin, lived in Pasco County as a child.

The Rao Musunuru M.D. Museum and Library always has been a jewel in the crown of New Port Richey. Now, under the current leadership and volunteers, it is Pasco County’s jewel and well worth a visit, even if you visited recently. The flow of the tour and the arrangement of displays is new and very professionally done, and there is a gift shop once again with a wide variety of books.

My thanks to the key person who has worked so hard for so long to build world-class cardiac care in Pasco County, to make our local community college a four-year state college and who saved the museum from physical and financial collapse not so long ago. Dr. Rao Musunuru is that person, and a county treasure.

Dan Callaghan, New Port Richey