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Did Lennar pull a magic trick?, reader asks

Pasco letters to the editor.
Pasco County community news [TMCCARTY80  |  Tara McCarty]
Pasco County community news [TMCCARTY80 | Tara McCarty]

Re: Sale could bring 10,000 homes | March 6 story

Let’s see: Lennar paid $23.65 million for 2,900 acres, which equates to $8,155 per acre. Then, it sold 843 acres to the county for environmental purposes for $21.9 million, which equates to $25,978 per acre. Then, it sold another 775 acres to H. Lee Moffitt for $23.5 million, which equates to $30,322 per acre.

Lennar was left with 1,243 acres and $21.6 million in the bank. Wow. Either they are magicians, or some folks (the county and Moffitt) paid way too much.

I wonder if Lennar might help this middle-class guy with his tax return.

Ronald Matte, Land O’ Lakes

Some residents are bringing down neighborhood home values

We have a lot of homes in Grove Park and Regency Park that need attention. We have homes that are bringing other homes for sale down. You have rats and cockroaches in their backyards that come to other homes.

Code enforcement should give tickets to the homes that show high grass and clothes hanging out front, and landlords should kick them out and raise rents. We need better neighbors.

Cecilia Lagrutta, New Port Richey

Health department website needs updating

The Pasco County Health Department needs to update its website. I clicked on the blue bold print, “Covid 19” on the top of the screen, and it links to Hepatitis A information instead.

It is difficult to get true, accurate and up-to-date information, especially for individuals who are not that computer savvy. If the government and citizens are depending on local public health departments to communicate on the front line of this new virus, our local health departments need to be in constant communication with the community and make information easily accessible to all. Not panicking, I just want to be educated.

Our local health departments should also have a live phone/website line with professionals to answer questions. Older individuals or those at risk may ask how long will I be kept on a ventilator. Is this something we should be talking about with our loved ones?

Kathy Young Clark, Spring Hill

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