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Online or in-person? Pasco parents get more time to choose.

More details continue to emerge about what reopening will look like.

After announcing its three reopening options, the Pasco County school district gave parents two weeks to submit their choice for their children.

That would give the administration time to properly allocate teachers and other staff to the right locations, they reasoned.

The fallout from COVID-19 continues to occur, though. And the School Board has yet to weigh in on some key issues, such as mask usage, related to what classes will look like in August.

The board will hold a telephonic workshop on the topic at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Given those circumstances, the district has decided to extend its time frame for parents to respond by a week, to July 8. If they already sent in their choice, they can still change it by submitting a new online form.

It is expected that could happen. Early on, the response was skewed heavily in favor of returning to campus.

Early parent response to the Pasco County school district's reopening choice survey was for a return to traditional classes. [Pasco County school district]

As more information comes out, though, those percentages have shifted. And that trend could continue.

The district alerted parents to the new time line in a Monday morning email. It read:


The deadline for choosing among the three back-to-school options has been extended for one week to Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

As we continue to push out more information so that parents can make informed choices, we understand the need for more time to explore the available options. We also understand that the circumstances related to COVID-19 have shifted significantly in the past few days, and that the implementation of any return-to-school options may continue to be modified before students and most staff return in August. If circumstances worsen, we will await direction from the Governor’s Office regarding the possible closing of schools.

We will continue to push out more information. On July 1 we will provide additional information in a Family Information Guide for ReOpening 2020-2021, and a document called ReOpening Guidance for Schools 2020-2021. They are intended to provide additional information and guidance to help you make an informed decision. 

If you have already selected an option, you may change your mind based on new information or changing circumstances. To change your option, simply fill out the Select an Option form again. We will use the most recent form.

Learn more about the district’s reopening plan on its website.