Pasco elections supervisor concerned about flyer targeting voters

Voters with concerns or questions should contact supervisor’s office directly
Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley
Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley [ Times ]
Published March 18, 2022|Updated March 18, 2022

NEW PORT RICHEY — Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley wants voters to contact his office directly if they get information that is confusing about their voter status.

His concern is prompted by a new voter registration mail out campaign by the Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information targeting Pasco County voters which Corley said has “previously contained inaccurate information that voters have reported as alarming and confusing.”

In the past, Corley said, “these mailing have been sent to family members who are deceased, their pets, underage children, and adult children who no longer reside or never resided in the household or the state of Florida. The mailings, which aim to reach eligible voters, often arouse suspicion because they are already registered and feel that their registration has somehow been compromised.”

Corley noted do not have anything to do with his office and have eroded voter confidence at a time when security of the election process is in the forefront.

Tom Lopach, president and chief executive officer of the Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information, said they are a “non-profit, non-partisan organizations that works to ensure the new American majority - people of color, young people, and unmarried women - participate in democracy equal to their presence in society.” Lopach said the organization has helped more than 5.7 million people to register to vote.

Reliable methods to register, vote, update voter registration and check on voter registration status are already available through the Supervisor of Elections office office, Corley said.

Residents can register to vote or update their voter registration address using the online voter registration form here or go to To check voter registration status online visit here or go to

For more information call 1-800-851-8754.