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Paula Broadwell returns to her Charlotte home

Paula Broadwell leaves her Charlotte home on Monday, after more than a week at her brother’s home in Washington.
Paula Broadwell leaves her Charlotte home on Monday, after more than a week at her brother’s home in Washington.
Published Nov. 20, 2012

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Paula Broadwell, the Charlotte woman involved in the scandal that led to the resignation of David Petraeus as CIA director, has returned to her home with her two children and her husband, Scott.

Their arrival Sunday was the first time they'd been home since the scandal broke more than a week ago.

On Monday morning, the family appeared to be trying to resume a normal life, as Paula and Scott Broadwell each left the home with a child, possibly taking the children to school.

Neither of the parents would take questions from reporters, but Scott Broadwell asked a group of reporters and photographers outside the home to step back, saying he was worried that someone might get struck by a vehicle being backed out.

Moments later, Paula Broadwell left in one vehicle with a son. Scott Broadwell then pulled out of the driveway with the couple's other son aboard.

Another woman in the scandal, Jill Kelley of Tampa, says she has never met, talked to or corresponded by letter or email with Broadwell, a source close to Kelley's family told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday.

"This has forever changed their lives, and not in good ways," said the family source. "They've lost their privacy. The media is camped out on their property and scaring their children. They get hate mails and calls. They have been ostracized by people and organizations who do not want the publicity, even when those people have been friends in the past. … None of this is through anything they did. They are victims of Mrs. Broadwell and have become victims of the media frenzy as well."

Three journalists, all working for New York media outlets, remained Monday afternoon in the alleyway behind the Kelleys' Bayshore Boulevard home.

Despite repeated requests from the Times, Kelley and her husband have declined comment.

Also Monday, the New York Post reported that Kelley's sister, Natalie Khawam, would hold a news conference today with lawyer Gloria Allred.

Times staff writers William R. Levesque and Jodie Tillman contributed to this report.