1. St. Petersburg

South Pasadena property tax rate rises

SOUTH PASADENA — The city's property tax rate will increase in the coming year, and a hike in sewer rates is proposed to take effect in December.

The City Commission recently unanimously voted to raise the property tax rate from $3.25 to $3.50 for each $1,000 of assessed, taxable value. A home valued at $100,000 after homestead exemptions would pay $350 in property taxes. Many tax bills will also rise due to increased property values.

The city's total value of taxable property increased by 6.7 percent this year. The city last raised property taxes in 2015.

The property tax increase mainly pays for three firefighter paramedics hired this year to eliminate steep overtime costs in the fire department, according to James Graham, South Pasadena's finance director.

The first reading of an ordinance to raise the city's sewer rates by about 21 percent is scheduled for TuesdayOct. 9, said Graham, and is solely due to increased wastewater processing fees paid to the city of St. Petersburg.

The sewer bill is based on water usage. A South Pasadena residence using 4,300 gallons of potable water, currently paying $23.76 per month in sewer charges, would pay $28.83 if the increase in sewer rates is approved.