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Dunedin Charter: Voters approve five amendments

DUNEDIN — Voters approved a series of city charter amendments in Tuesday's election.

The first, which won by about 77 percent, changed the date the vice mayor is appointed from the first regular City Commission meeting after an election to the first regular meeting in December.

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The second extended the time commissioners have to hold a special election after a seat comes open. The limit is now 180 days after a vacancy, double the charter's previous limit of 90 days, thanks to a 54 percent approval from voters.

Voters passed by 92 percent another time extension in the third amendment, except this one was about public notice for special meetings. Commissioners must give notice at least 48 hours before a meeting, as opposed to 12 hours before.

Voters granted by 65 percent a minor title change to a section of the charter about who is allowed to vote in city elections. The title will now be "Electors" instead of "Elections."

With the 93 percent approval of the final amendment, commissioners must establish a code of ethics for elected officials and city employees. The charter previously made it optional.