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Beverly Young gets public service award in honor of her late husband

Published Mar. 27, 2014

A new public service award honoring the late U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young was given to his widow Beverly at an annual Pinellas Republican Party dinner on Wednesday.

Pinellas GOP Chairman Michael Guju praised Beverly Young for longstanding work to help soldiers in need. She came to the stage with her son, state representative candidate Bill Young II.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our country is a better place because of people like Beverly Young," Guju said.

Beverly Young said, "I haven't said anything since Bill died. He loved his country. He loved his county. He loved the people here. He loved his troops more than anything. So thank you all for supporting him. And I miss him."

The award was given at the Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner, where the speaker was Michael Reagan, conservative commentator and son of the late President Ronald Reagan.