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Trump offers quick rundown of his medical exam on 'Dr. Oz'

After a morning of mixed messages, Donald Trump on Wednesday gave a small window into some of the results from his most recent physical examination in a taped appearance with television celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The quick run-through of results, which Trump is said to have given to the doctor to read from a piece of paper, came after the Republican presidential nominee's aides had said he would, and then that he wouldn't, broach the topic with the doctor on the Dr. Oz Show.

A news release from the show said that Oz, "as all physicians do when seeing a patient for the first time," took the candidate "through a full review of systems including the following: nervous system; head and neck; hormone levels; cardiovascular health and related medications; respiratory health; gastrointestinal health; bladder or prostate health; dermatological health; history of cancer."

The release also said they reviewed "family medical history — occurrence of Alzheimer's or dementia, heart disease, cancer in relatives."

Trump's father had Alzheimer's disease. His daughter Ivanka joined him for a part of the show, which was taped in New York City and is to be broadcast Thursday.

Trump, 70, discussed the results as the campaign of his rival, Hillary Clinton, was expected to release some details of her own latest examinations after her recent bout of pneumonia.

Over many months, Trump has sought to raise questions about the health of Clinton, 68, and his supporters have asserted that she is hiding something about her health (her aides have strenuously denied this). But Trump has answered almost no questions about his own health over the last 15 months of his campaign, except for issuing a highly unusual doctor's note.

So the appearance on Oz's show, announced last Friday, had been anticipated as a potential breakthrough, as Trump's aides had said that over the next few days he would release results from the physical examination, which was conducted last week.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told Fox News that she did not think the candidate should release medical information on a television show.

A cardiothoracic surgeon by training, Oz has a large female viewership, one reason the Trump campaign chose him as an outlet. Oz said he had also invited Clinton to appear on the show.

. Oz, famous mostly because of Oprah Winfrey, who knighted him "America's Doctor," has a large and devoted fan base. He has worked at some of New York's top hospitals, and has generally received praise for focusing on lifestyle choices and for his ability to explain medical concepts in an easy-to-grasp manner.

He has also been criticized for questionable assertions over the course of his television career, and sometimes speaks in the same type of hyperbole that Trump uses and that the medical profession has been known to reject.