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Reporter interrupts Obama's announcement on immigration changes

Midway through President Barack Obama's remarks Friday, a reporter from the conservative news website the Daily Caller shouted, "Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?"

"Excuse me, sir," Obama responded. "It's not time for questions, sir. Not while I'm speaking."

A few minutes later, the president referenced the incident by saying, "And the answer to your question, sir — and the next time I'd prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question — is this is the right thing to do for the American people."

The reporter, Neil Munro, then apparently interrupted again.

"I didn't ask for an argument, I'm answering your question," Obama said.

It is uncommon, and generally considered against protocol, for reporters to interrupt a president while he is in the middle of delivering prepared remarks.

In a statement later posted to Daily Caller's website, Munro said: "I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the president of the United States."

The Daily Caller's editor in chief, Tucker Carlson, defended Munro's behavior. Carlson said he had not seen the incident because he was on a plane at the time but, "As far as I'm concerned, not having seen it, as a general matter, reporters are there to ask questions."