Key facts about the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Published May 18, 2012

Key dates

Mid July to early August: Secret Service expected to announce road closures around the Tampa Bay Times Forum. From this, it should be possible to deduce the footprint of the so-called security perimeter.

Aug. 26: Welcome party for delegates and media at Tropicana Field.

Aug. 27-30: Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa.

Sept. 3-6: Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Oct. 15: Tampa Bay Host Committee files fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission.

Nov. 6: General election.

By the numbers


Expected visitors, including 10,000 VIPs, such as members of Congress and assorted dignitaries


Delegates and alternates to the convention


Current number of delegates for Florida, cut in half for violating party primary scheduling rules


Credentialed media


Estimated number of protesters expected; only a small percentage are expected to be the anarchists that police fear will try to disrupt the event


License fee that the Tampa Bay Host Committee is paying Tampa for the use of the Tampa Convention Center as the official media center for the convention


Fundraising goal of the Tampa Bay Host Committee


Federal grant to the city of Tampa to pay for convention-related security


Number of police officers (both local and out-of-town) expected to be required each day of the convention


Approximate number of law enforcement officers expected to be hired from outside the Tampa Bay area to help police the convention


Estimated number of hotel rooms those out-of-town officers will need


Cost of hotel accommodations for out-of-town officers


City of Tampa budget for feeding police during the convention


City spending on about 60 surveillance cameras to be installed around the Tampa Bay Times Forum during the convention


Florida National Guard troops expected to be deployed in support roles during the convention


Number of charter buses that will carry delegates and other conventioneers around Tampa Bay


Venues on hold for delegations, associations, media organizations, others to book for parties, etc.


Volunteers needed to help during the convention


Last time a national political convention was held in Florida (Both conventions that year took place in Miami Beach)

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The delegate count

Needed to nominate1,144
Total delegate votes2,286
Chosen thus far1,512
Yet to be chosen774
Candidate Total
Mitt Romney 989
Rick Santorum* 265
Newt Gingrich* 130
Ron Paul 106

*Suspended campaign