Reaction to Gov. Rick Scott's vetoes runs from anger to disappointment to applause

Published Jun. 24, 2015

Reaction to Gov. Rick Scott's $461 million worth of vetoes he announced in signing the state budget:

"The governor has declared war on the Legislature."

Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, after Scott cut funding for several Tampa Bay projects, including a marina, library and water taxi initiative.

"While Governor Scott will undoubtedly spend the next several weeks traveling the state touting his record number of vetoes as win for Florida's families, there are many families across Florida who have seen their dreams shattered by his decisions today."

Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, on vetoes of programs meant to help children with special needs, which were his top priority.

"I am profoundly disappointed . . . Our forest firefighters put their lives on the line. They are demonstratively under paid relative to peers."

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, on learning that pay raises for the state's 606 Forest Service firefighters were being nixed.

"Gov. Rick Scott has weaponized the veto pen, using his executive authority to arbitrarily cut legislative priorities and settle political scores. . . . In a state spending plan that already twisted voters' clear priorities, Gov. Scott has made matters worse."

House Democratic Leader Mark Pafford

"This budget continues the pro-growth initiatives put in place to increase opportunities for those who live and work in Florida."

Tom Feeney, Associated Industries' president and CEO.

"While much more needs to be done to make early learning the priority it needs to be, I am grateful for the progress that was made and the governor's leadership in this."

David Lawrence Jr., chair of the Children's Movement of Florida.

"How does he allow a good program to pass muster last year and then vetoes the same without any reason or cause? I've seen our governor many times show that inconsistency and honestly I believe many members of the Florida Legislature are coming to realize you cannot trust the guy."

Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano on Scott's cut of $2.5 million (including $1.5 million approved last year) for a conservation easement in Heritage Lake Estates.

"Florida's retailers sincerely thank Governor Scott and the Legislature for coming together to develop a low-tax budget that will help Florida's small businesses and families."

Rick McAllister, president and CEO and the Florida Retail Federation.

"Our community has supported us for decades and they continue to, and the best thing anybody can for us, other than writing a check for $1 million, is to keep visiting."

Jill Witecki, director of community relations for Tampa Theatre, on Scott's veto of $1 million for electrical upgrades.

"My mantra is there are no problems, only solutions, so we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward."

East Lake Community Library director Lois Eannel on Scott's veto of $1 million for the library's expansion project.