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Prince William turns 30

Prince William has turned 30

The man who once was among the world's most eligible bachelors turned 30 Thursday. Palace officials say Prince William was marking the milestone in private with his wife, the former Kate Middleton, and perhaps some close friends. They said the celebration would be low-key.

Ill on vacation? More vacation

Europeans prize their four to six weeks of guaranteed annual vacation leave. But it was not clear just how valuable that time off was until Thursday, when Europe's highest court ruled that workers who get sick on vacation are legally entitled to take another vacation.

Bird flu study out after debate

The second of two bird flu studies once considered too risky to publish was released Thursday, ending a saga that pitted concerns about terrorism against fears of a deadly global epidemic. Both papers describe how researchers created virus strains that could potentially be transmitted through the air from person to person. Scientists said the results could help them spot dangerous virus strains in nature. But last December, acting on advice of a U.S. biosecurity panel, federal officials asked the researchers not to publish details of the work, which identified the genetic mutations used to make the strains. The two teams that conducted the controversial research eventually submitted revised versions of their papers.

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