Amid strife, missing boy’s father says he doesn’t believe mother’s story

Published September 4 2018
Updated September 4 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hours after this story was posted to, Largo police announced that they had found the body of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau and arrested his mother, Charisse Stinson, on a charge of first-degree murder. For more updates, check

LARGO — Officers on Tuesday morning hauled away dumpsters around the apartment of a mother whose 2-year-old son disappeared over the weekend. They scoured bushes and wet, wooded areas and surveyed shopping plazas and gas stations for surveillance video.

Jordan Belliveau went missing more than two days ago and Largo police say they still don’t know what happened to him. They’re not giving up, though.

"We’re not frustrated. We’re encouraged. We’re going to find Jordan," Largo police Maj. Stephen Slaughter said. "We need the public to give us that one good tip."

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Authorities have not identified Jordan’s mother, but his father, also named Jordan Belliveau, told the Tampa Bay Times she is Charisse Stinson, 21. She reported that she was walking with the toddler Saturday night about 9:30 p.m. near her apartment at East Bay Drive and Belcher Road when she accepted a ride from a stranger, who she said hit her over the head, left her in a park and took her son.

The elder Jordan Belliveau, 22, said from the porch of his home in Clearwater late Tuesday morning that he doubts that story and believes his ex-girlfriend knows where his son is.

When asked whether police believe the mother has been truthful, Slaughter replied: "She has answered all our questions."

The Times was unable to reach Stinson for comment.

Belliveau said they separated about three months ago. Court records show she and Jordan’s father have accused each other of domestic violence in the past.

"I don’t know what to think right now," Belliveau said, as police and other relatives searched for Jordan about four miles away. "They better bring me back my damn baby."

• • •

Police first learned Jordan was missing early Sunday. Surveillance footage shows Stinson in Largo Central Park, just off East Bay Drive, shortly before 1:30 a.m., when she reported her son’s disappearance.

Here’s what she told police:

A man who identified himself as "Antwan" offered her a ride around East Bay Drive and Belcher Road, close to where she lived. It was about 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Then he struck her in the head while they drove near Lake Road.

When she came to, Stinson was in the park alone.

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Jordan’s mother had an "abrasion" on the side of her head, police said. She was treated at a local hospital.

"The mom is in good health," Slaughter said. "Very upset, as you can imagine."

She described the car as a white Toyota Camry, with a white grille, dark tinted windows and rosary beads hanging from the rearview mirror along with a "black ice" air freshener. Police released a sketch of "Antwan" on Monday, describing him as a black man, about 25 years old, with brown dreadlocks, brown eyes and gold teeth.

Detectives later shared a video from a gas station on East Bay Drive showing a man they think might have talked to Jordan’s mother on Saturday night. They asked nearby residents to check home surveillance systems for possible evidence.

Jordan is 2 feet 6 inches tall, according to an AMBER Alert. He weighs 30 pounds and has short brown hair and black eyes. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing blue gym shorts, a blue shirt with the number 72 on the front, black socks and black and white Nike sneakers.

Anyone with information about the child should contact the Largo Police Department at (727) 587-6730.

• • •

Since his son disappeared, Belliveau said, he has pressed his ex-girlfriend for information.

He shared text messages with the Times, which he said are between him and Stinson.

"Just tell me where he is," Belliveau wrote in one message.

The response, which he says is from Stinson, came a minute later: "I do not know if I knew where my baby was we would not be going through this."

In others, the two grow increasingly frustrated with each other.

"I kno u kno where he is," Belliveau wrote.

And: "Can u please tell me man"

The response: "Jojo all I remember is getting a ride and waking up in the ambulance f----- up im trying my best to tell them everything I know"

The texter, who Belliveau identified as Stinson, wrote back, "I’m blaming myself for this s---" and adds that the child "needed to eat."

"I’m sorry that this is happening to us and you have every right to question me and be angry but we have to stay positive and pray because he’s gonna come I’m doing my best to remember everything."

Belliveau said he does not know the Antwan the mother described to police.

• • •

Even as few new details surfaced about Jordan’s disappearance Tuesday, court records spelled out difficulties facing his parents.

On Aug. 21, a lawyer filed an eviction complaint against Stinson, alleging she was past due on rent at the Enclave on East Apartments. Stinson owed more than $2,000, according to the complaint. Her rent was $850 a month.

On July 14, according to a police report, officers arrested the elder Jordan Belliveau, who Stinson accused of punching her when he tried to drop off their child. Stinson said she told Belliveau she did not want the boy back yet, according to the report. A police officer wrote that Stinson’s lip was cut and swollen. Belliveau is scheduled to be arraigned Sept. 24.

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That was not the first allegation of violence between the parents. Jordan was born on July 29, 2016. He would have been about five-months old when officers arrested Belliveau on domestic battery and aggravated assault charges in January 2017. Stinson accused him of choking her and holding a gun to her head. An officer wrote that she had bruises and red marks around her throat. She later asked that charges not be filed.

Then in April 2017, Stinson was arrested and accused of domestic battery against Belliveau, according to another arrest report. The two argued over text messages he had sent to past girlfriends, a deputy wrote, and Stinson admitted she pushed Belliveau in the chest. The next day, Belliveau asked that charges not be filed and that he be allowed to contact her again, according to court records.

The couple never married. Belliveau denied that he ever hit Stinson.

They argued over custody of Jordan, who they call "Junior," the father said, but the boy was never involved or injured in those incidents.

"That ain’t got nothing to do with it," Belliveau said.

• • •

The last time Belliveau saw his son was Aug. 21, he said, when Stinson called him to help after Jordan slipped getting out of the tub. The boy was bleeding from his chin, according to his father, who said he drove to the hospital because Stinson did not have a car.

Belliveau said his son is beginning to speak, a quiet mumbler like himself, and loves cookies of any kind.

"He can say ‘I love you,’ he can say ‘Daddy,’ ‘eat-eat’ and ‘cookies,’ " Belliveau said.

The day before Jordan disappeared, Belliveau said, Stinson had asked him for $20 and a meal. Belliveau said he got tied up helping another family member but sent his mother to bring Stinson food.

That night, his mother called him in the early morning to let him know police had come to the house about Jordan. Belliveau was staying at a hotel, he said, celebrating his 22nd birthday.

The father said he was confused and high, so he went back to sleep. The next day, he said, he began driving around searching for his son and texting Stinson. Some of his relatives were at the Enclave on East Apartments Tuesday morning, peering through an overgrown area behind the buildings.

"We just want to find the baby," said Dana Burt, 41, who identified herself as Belliveau’s aunt.

Belliveau, meanwhile, was at home, hoping for news — and an end to the calls to his phone from family and friends.

"I feel like I did everything I can do," he said.

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