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Former foster parents: Jordan Belliveau more than 'just the boy in the Amber Alert'

Jordan Belliveau was more than a boy in an Amber Alert.

That's what his former foster parents, Sam and Juliet Warren, want the public to know about the 2-year-old who went missing over the weekend and was found dead Tuesday in Largo.

His birth mother, 21-year-old Charisse Stinson, faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in his death.

The couple addressed members of the media Wednesday with the following statement about the child:

"Jordan came into our home in January 2017, and he was returned to his mother on May 31, 2018.

We loved Jordan deeply, and we are devastated by his loss.

We want you to know a bit of the Jordan we knew. He wasn't just the 'boy in the Amber Alert.'

He learned to roll over in our house. I remember my mom helping him learn to crawl. Jordan learned to walk and talk in our family.

He flourished and grew in a community that loved him deeply as well. He was loved by our whole family, the LifeBridge Church community, the Coast Guard community and the Door of Hope foster care community.

Jordan was filled with joy. Most folks knew the Jordan that was laid back with an easy smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was our 'Mr. Chuckles.' Like most other little boys, we saw Jordan's mischievous side as well.

We are devastated by his loss, but for a court order, he would still be safe in our home.

We hope that Jordan's loss will lead to the change that is needed to protect other endangered children in the system. Jordan was failed by the system. He was failed by many people who should have protected him but didn't. Promises that were made to us about how he would be protected after his return were broken.

Ultimately, we hope that our painful loss will result (in) a fundamental re-examination of the entire system, of how foster care works, of the reunification process. Jordan deserves that, and the other children in the system deserve that.

In closing, we need time to grieve. Please respect our privacy and give us the space we need. We will not be giving any further statements to the press. Thank you."

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