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Jordan Belliveau's troubled history began at 3 months old, ended in death at age 2

Three months into Jordan Belliveau's short life, his father was shot twice outside their house.

After six months, he moved in with foster parents.

Just before his first birthday, he was hit in the face during a fight between his parents and another woman on Father's Day.

At 2, he was dead.

Documents released late Wednesday by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reveal a volatile life for the 2-year-old, found dead this week in a wooded area in Largo. His mother, 21-year-old Charisse Stinson, is accused of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

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His first contact with child protective investigators came in October 2016, just three months after he was born. Jordan was living in a home with family members including his father, who has the same name, grandmother and uncle.

The elder Jordan, a known gang member, was shot in his driveway, then again at the end of his street, the report says. A Clearwater police officer told child welfare investigators he had been to the home several times to respond to weapons complaints, track down wanted people and recover stolen cars.

The report notes prior calls to the house, including a report of 145 stolen hydromorphone pills two months prior and, just before Jordan was born, a homicide suspect and sex offender hanging around. The elder Jordan also threatened a woman with a gun the same night he was shot, according to the report.

"The parents knowingly allow their infant son to reside in a dangerous environment," the report says.

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The father was ordered by the court to move out of the house. Stinson refused to take Jordan to a shelter. He was eventually placed into foster care. The report notes the parents "fail to understand the danger the baby is in when around gang members."

Even in foster care, the child couldn't escape the violence brought on by his parents.

Stinson and Jordan Belliveau were allowed an unsupervised visit with their son on June 18, 2017 for Father's Day, according to a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office incident report. The family went to a Burger King at 1888 Gulf to Bay Blvd.

Another woman, Danielle Ellis — with whom Stinson had an ongoing feud, deputies said — walked into the restaurant. Ellis and Belliveau began fighting. Stinson, who was carrying 10-month-old Jordan in her arms, tried to break up the fight. Ellis, who tried to punch Stinson, instead hit the child in his lip, deputies said.

The baby suffered an injured lip and was seen by emergency medical technicians, though a child protection investigator said he was calm and "did not appear to be in any distress." Stinson declined to have her son taken to the hospital.

The child protection investigator noted that Stinson didn't appear to think she had done anything wrong.

"She did not seem to recognize that being near the fight with the child in her arms put the child in an unsafe situation," the investigator's report said.

His foster family picked him up, the report says.

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The last child protective report documents two allegations. The first outlined the elder Jordan's July 15 arrest after Stinson accused him of battering her.

The second was a report dated Sunday that Jordan had gone missing. A man had offered Stinson and her son a ride, the report says. He hit her over the head. Stinson woke up in a Largo park without her son.

The report would spark an intensive 60-hour search by police through woods, water and trash. On Tuesday, authorities found him in a wooded area behind a Largo Sports Complex baseball field.

The child was dead. His mother's story, detectives said, was a lie.

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